The Story

I’ve loved playing basketball in the UK from a kid in a driveway to a professional in the O2, and I'm proud to have done so. There are so many great things worth celebrating about British basketball but none more so than the spirit of the British player. The player who picked up a basketball when others didn't, the player who practiced in the cold and rain when others wouldn't, the player who sacrificed things that others couldn't. 

When a player achieves success in this sport from such unlikely beginnings, we should support and celebrate that success. From that feeling, sprung Cove - an idea to build something by the player and for the player. 

Cove is made up of compression clothing to support the player on the court and sponsorships to support our players off the court.

We want to build something that we can all be proud of, a brand that embodies the spirit of the game in the UK. From music to fashion, from pro players to local league coaches, from style of play to style of commentary, basketball in the UK is heavily influenced by the US. It's about time we had something to call our own.